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While it can be an overlooked thing in a small project (which I don’t think it should either), when it comes to a medium/large project it’s necessary to take in account the fact that we need a clean, modular, testable and robust architecture for our app. If it wasn’t so, a lot of headaches will come on the long run, when trying to figure out some bug, implementing new features, changing existing ones and performing a lot of more “mutations” our app might go into.

The goal of a design pattern is to provide a clean standard for how our…

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Flutter Web is growing in popularity and it’s becoming more and more mature as the time passes. We’re not there with perfection, there are still some issues but hopefully they’re going to be solved soon!

If you’ve had the chance to fiddle around with a Flutter project that targets you might have found yourself trapped in this situation:

I need this feature, I could use this plugin that already does that, but it doesn’t support Web.

Then you answer yourself something like this:

Well I’ll wrap it into a factory, if kIsWeb is true then I’m on Web and return…

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Every big project can have its flavors, its customizations, for different cases, clients, running environments, etc. Whenever we want to tweak some features, themes, graphics, we are pushed to evaluate conditions, no matter how elegant they can be. But what happens when we exclude those features in our Dart program? This question came to me when, due to security reasons for the Flutter app we are developing at work, the following question was asked to me: will development environments URLs be compiled anyway in the executable, even if they are not used?

If Dart had something like C/C++ preprocessor directives…

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Hi Flutter people!

First of all, I want to thank Flutter Community and all the other sponsors for the event which I’m going to list here:

  • Flutter
  • BMW
  • DevAngels.London
  • Codemagic
  • VeryGood Ventures
  • InvoiceNinja

As one of the organizers for the local hub, and as the designated Flutter mentor/coach for the local event, I wanted to share with you the day at the hackathon from my point of view. …

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Hi Flutter lovers!

Today we’re going to see how we can hook an animation with the scroll progress of a PageView in Flutter.

Have you ever needed to animate a widget according to the scroll of a PageView? Well I did, and came up with a way of doing that, which is what I’m going to cover with this article.

What are we talking about?

A PageView in Flutter is a widget which takes care of displaying a list of widgets like pages of a carousel. …

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Hi everyone, this is Antonello here and this is my first tech article. I decided to start blogging about my discoveries and approaches with Flutter and other dev stuff, so I hope you’ll hear more from me!

Today I’ll talk you about I’ve tackled the problem with having multiple themes in a Flutter application.

Nowadays the users expect from an app to do certain basic-not-basic things such as certain types of gestures, a swipe to refresh, a shiny UI, smooth animations, intuitive operations and that sort of stuff and, as a user, the ability to choose among different themes for…

Antonello Galipò

Flutter and Android developer with an enormous love for Yoga and hipster habits.

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