Feeling It.
Daniel Johnson

Do you believe in the stars?

Daniel, I feel your frustration. My experience is quite similar and I’m almost 3 decades older than yourself. I am a faithful astrological follower, and if I’m paying attention, the stars and planets send me the right message that fits my dreams, desires, and even disappointments. Today I was reading the astrological forecast of Chani Nicholas (http://chaninicholas.com/) and thought I would share some of what stood out for me with you:

“Mars goes retrograde every 2 years and when it does it opens up an opportunity for us to realign ourselves with what we desire.

Mars is the planet that wakes us up to what we desire most in life. It’s the planet that gives us the courage to follow that desire. It’s the planet that gives us the energy to pursue what we are drawn to. It’s the planet that introduces us to the personal potential that our desire is trying to point us to.

Since Mars is the planet of energy, self-assertion and action, Mars retrograde is a perfect time to reassess where we are going and why. Mars retrograde invites us to understand our motives and drives in a deeper way and asks us to internalize any projected power, dynamism and assertiveness that we have given away to others.

When we don’t own our Mars, mayhem ensues.”

So, Daniel, own your Mars. Keep writing. Keep believing that you will be as successful a writer as you dare to be. I believe one day soon, I will be reading your work, work that you would be paid handsomely for, and see a cover photo of a beaming smile indicating that you have arrived and are happy to have landed there. So don’t give up, Daniel. Allow Mars to guide you, if you believe in astrology or that there is a force greater than yourself behind the driver’s seat. If you stop believing, you’ll only hate those mundane jobs even more. Thirty may not be your peak, it could be 31 or 41, but keep putting those words to paper or screen. You can still do what makes you happy while pursuing that opportunity that will bring you a nice payday. All the best to you, brother.