Features of a Campervan That Make it A Coveted Vehicle for Travel

Whether you wish to go as a couple for a camping session or enjoy a family holiday enjoying nature and the comfort of a home, we will offer the right vehicle for you.

Campervans are very similar to the motor homes but are slightly different. They have a well equipped kitchen and sleeping facilities.

Features of a Campervan:

Equipped Kitchen: The campervans have a small sized, well equipped kitchen with all the modern amenities, such as grill or gas hob which is operated with gas, electricity or battery.
Double voltage Lighting: These caravans offer double voltage lighting. That is either from a battery, apart from the battery of the van. This is known as leisure or deep-cycle battery. The other source of lighting is from the AC power, which is supplied in a campsite through a cable.
All Modern Amenities: Campervans are equipped with all the modern amenities needed for travelling with comfort, such as DVD player, air conditioner, couches, cosy beds and so on.
Good Storage Facilities: While travelling in a campervan travellers not only have a good place to rest and sleep but also good food to eat. No matter wherever a family is travelling, they need not bother about nearby restaurants and eateries. They can store ready made food in the refrigerators and warm it in a microwave oven. Some campervans even provide kitchen kits for free. Thus by campervan hire Yorkshire, travellers can enjoy a barbeque party in the open air. They can by the required spices, condiments and raw meat and store it in the campervans. This is a way lot cheaper than eating at restaurants.
Pop up Tents: Some of the campervans have expandable tents, which are mounted on the roof and still others have the pop up roofs that provide the additional space for sleeping. Due to these facilities provided in these caravans, camping has become very easy and convenient.

Campervans are smaller in size compared to motor homes. They are more versatile, easy to drive as they are designed like vans and adapt perfectly to the road compared to the motor homes. Finally, for being more compact, smaller in size and equipped with less amenities, camper vans are a lot cheaper. Thus small families should consider campervans instead of motorhome hire in York as that would be sufficient for them and much more affordable than the luxurious motor homes.