Games Are a No Brainer

I’ve heard it over and over again, business is hard. I think peoples definition of hard is really the problem here. Business is easy to succeed in. Trust me. It’s not hard, just be smart and start something that a place needs based on a places needs, not on your love for the thing you are starting. If you do that then you have a successful business.

If you just say I love knitting scarfs. Then take that love and just open up a shop for knitted scarfs near you. You are bound to fail. Why? because you had no business thoughts that lead you to open that shop, just love and passion for the knitting of scarfs. I know you love it, but it still won’t make a terrible idea work.

The cool thing about game development is that it is location less. It is entertainment and it can be priced well for global sales. Gamed development is also a nice production model as well. You can make a great game for very little money and produce copies of that game, for nearly free, forever. The math works out great. The only things you have to do is execute a game and get it to release. That is the part that is harder. Remember business isn’t hard, it’s just work, and it takes some thought.

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Originally published at on August 17, 2015.