Getting Tired

I’ve been attacking game development like a raging bull for over a year now. What I mean by raging bull is, I get up at 5am and work for a while on it. Then I go to work. Then I come home and whenever I can I fit it in during the rest of the day until my daughter goes to sleep I work on the game. Then I work for at least another hour, collapse and go to sleep.

I enjoy the schedule, I feel very rewarded every day, but, I am feeling tired, warn down, and a bit sleepy. I think I need a weekend off. I think it will suck, but I think at this point it is mandatory. So my plan is to do nothing this weekend, maybe just keep up on the marketing stuff and sleep in, play games, and just relax. I think I deserve it.

Originally published at on July 22, 2015.