Marketing is Important

I am always surprised by the different people who think that marketing is to be done only when you are nearing completion of your product. To me this blows my mind. I believe you should be marketing constantly and this is why.

Marketing is not about a product, sure that is the content of the marketing, but it is about people. Marketing is about moving people to where you have something they might want. That is it. If you have a game online, you need an online presence that can move people to the store that the game is sold in. It truly does not matter what phase your product is in start moving people around the internet. If you can move people to a blog you can move them to a store.

Start today, start seeing if you can move people. It is a skill, there is much to learn and getting people to react to your output in the way that you want is something that is highly valuable. Keep in mind that as you develop your product you should be moving people to be interested in you, your team, and your journey. Now go, move those people, start today, it really matters.

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Originally published at on October 22, 2016.