Tell Me What You Want!

Business or not business, that is a good question. This seems to be something people struggle with in game development on the indie scale. Why are you doing it? I’m doing it because I love it, but that does not mean you should not do it as a business right? I tend to think that people make themselves have a harder time with things they love because they put strange walls up that would not normally be there if you were just trying to sell something.

If you just were selling spatulas, you would post adds everywhere. They would be the cheapest adds you can make, and you would repeat them as many times as you could to an audience so that your spatula brand would come to mind first when you think of spatulas. That seems reasonable to us all I think. It is done by nearly every company in existence today of any size.

So why is it when it comes to indie games that the development teams think that advertisement has to be different? Are people different when it comes to games? I tend to believe they are not. I don’t think people really mind hearing about an awesome game many times. Plus if you are talking twitter and social media, the amount of times a post is missed by nearly everyone in the world is astounding. I don’t think putting a strange limit on your marketing is the most wonderful of ideas. If marketing works for Disney, it will work for your indie title.

There are proven things that work with human beings. Use them to your advantage. To try and think of ways to covertly get people to see your call to action is not the most effective way. If you want them to buy spatulas, tell them, and tell them often. Don’t just think because you are making a cool spatula that the people will know what they need to do to make you a success.

Come see my spatula…

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Originally published at on August 23, 2015.