Tutorial to Quickly Make Images for Twitter and Other Social Network Posts

It is proven statistically that images improve viewing and interactions of social posts. So to help you get those images made there is a, completely amazing, and simple to use tool on the internet that will help you improve your social media footprint. Meet Pablo

By default Pablo will load with a quote. So The first thing you will want to do is edit that. To do that you simply double click the text. You should then see that you have a few options to edit both your text itself and the formatting of it.

Here is an explanation of each of the functions that can be done when editing the text.

  1. This is a drop-down that will allow you to select a font type
  2. Choose to bold your text or not
  3. choose to use italics or not
  4. Select font size
  5. Choose alignment of the text
  6. Choose Font color

If you want to move the text around the image you can do that by simply placing the cursor over the text and not double clicking. You can then hold the left mouse button down and drag the text block around until you get it into the best position for your image.

On the left hand side of the page is a list of available stock photos along with an option to upload your own image. The stock images are nice but there is not a ton of them so using google images search to find great photos and such is a great option here to keep this tools life-span going far beyond the use of the stock photos. Above the image you have chosen is an effects bar with a few options to make it even more unique. Contrast will help with some images to make the text standout even more. Blur is good if you simply want to get a good color behind the text with a blurred form. Black and white is just that, it will turn the image into a black and white image and give a dramatic feel to it.

On the right hand side there are even more options to customize your image. There is a shuffle Quote button to get another default quote populating the text. There is a secondary text toggle to turn on another text block on the image. Here is an example of the Secondary text in action.

The secondary text has similar options as the main text and can be drug around as well to get a great layout. The custom logo option allows you to turn on another image to overlay the current one with. You can see here that I put my profile photo in the corner of the image.

As you can see you can use the two sliders to change how the logo looks. One changes the size, the other rounds the corners. This allows you to make images that are very complicated and interesting looking without having to install any editing software at all. But wait, there is more!

At the bottom right there are option to choose different shapes for

the different social networks that work best with different sized images. They are labeled well and are very much self explanatory. Really use these to your advantage, it will make the image look better for the social network you are posting it on.

There are also options to share your image right now, and download the image to your computer. Both are great. I tend to use both depending on if I want to do any more processing on an image or not. Usually Pablo produces images that are good to go right off this page so really feel free to post them from this page.

As you can see, Pablo makes creating images for your posts so easy that there is no reason to not have more images in your posts. It will help you look better and be seen more often. Good luck and happy posting.

Originally published at gamedevbrain.wordpress.com on November 6, 2015.