Importance of Concrete Blocks in Constructions

Concrete is an essential element for building a structure, as it enhances and improves the sustainable performance. We cannot overlook the use of concrete in society as it plays a vital role in the construction of almost everything, being used to build schools, hospitals, apartment blocks, tunnels, dams, pavement and more. Concrete is very strong in build, but the steel reinforcement provides it with the flexibility.

What is the most important ingredient used in building construction? Cement, bricks or concrete blocks? Well, all the materials are important to build a structure, but Concrete Blocks are of prime importance. A building strength is very important as it defined its life; be it residential or commercial and the concrete blocks provide it all the strength.

What are concrete blocks made of?

A concrete block is a mixture of powdered Portland cement, water, sand and gravel. When all of these ingredients are mixed tighter they produce a light gray block with a fine surface texture and a high impressive strength.
Based on the construction type and size, there are 3 kinds of concrete blocks:-

A. Solid Concrete Blocks- Majorly used to make tough construction ranges like dams, bridges, etc. These blocks have high density and are 55% solid.

B. Hallow Concrete blocks- They are extreme light weight and used to make structural walls and portioning walls, standard core filled block, etc. They are used to make lightweight concrete blocks, which are also used in house construction.

C. Interlocking Concrete Block- These blocks are used where in interlocking system is placed on each other. They are designed to be used in different purposes like for decorative and load bearing.

Of the above types hollow concrete blocks are extensively used. They are made of lightweight concrete, which has a density in the range of 140 to 150 lb/ft3 (2240 to 2400 kg/m3). But they differ in their ingredient as compare to concrete block, as gravel is used instead of sand with expanded clay, shale or slate for their build.

A simple concrete block, will continue to make your life better, as well as; structures that are more durable and energy efficient.



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