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Actually, this analogy couldn’t be more accurate. Yes, the vast majority of Muslims are decent people. But there are a very large number that aren’t, and no vetting process is going to prevent a bad one from getting through with 100% certainty. Is half this country really so naive as to think we can continue on the path we’re on and not end up with a nuclear device being detonated in DC or New York (or wherever) at some point? We KNOW the terrorists would love to do that, and we KNOW they would have absolutely no hesitation to do so. So why do we insist on the “same old, same old” response every time we’re attacked? As far as the comparison with anti-Semitism, there’s a very important difference. A very large number of Muslim are poisonous, while no Jew was in Germany. Trump may not be a great choice either, but on this he’s right: It’s only going to get worse if we don’t take care of the problem. It’s us or them, and we better stop pretending otherwise.