There’s No Way Those Rates Are Real!

Since 2015, Magilla Loans has been surprising users by connecting them to FDIC-insured lenders who offer incredible rates. So incredible, many people have a hard time believing they are real. Magilla makes the process fast and easy by allowing borrowers to shop and compare loans without revealing any private information. Our lenders offer real estate, home, business, medical, agriculture, and equipment loans. Simply answer a few questions, then compare real loan proposals, from real lenders.

Behind the scenes with co-founder Chris Meyer:

“It was a picturesque day in the high 70’s with complete sunshine and blue skies. Whales and dolphins were thirty yards off the coast, frolicking in the morning sea. Unreal. The directing team Tough Town, a New Yorker and California kid, handled every detail. They were the rock stars, handling everything with ease and asking our opinion just enough to be respectful. They were tasked with making sure we got enough coverage (digital film of every shot they would need to create the commercial we wanted). The producer, a friend of a friend from my LA years, was a Jean Reno doppelganger who had a clear vision of what would look good; he wasn’t a “yes” man that agreed with everything the client (us) said. We had an instant connection and would recommend him to any human looking to shoot a commercial, Dan Strickland and his company, Dream Society.

Our cast was found by Tough Town and Dan through auditions. Of course, we had input on who to choose, but they were the professionals who put this all together. We found amazing talent and I can only say how many genuine, real actors there are in Los Angeles. Perhaps it is because I lived in LA and was a struggling writer for almost eleven years of my life, but to see these people come onto a small commercial shoot and just completely nail your vision is inspiring.

For all of you actors, writers, and crew struggling in LA, we salute you and pray you will get the recognition you deserve… I know the struggle. The star of our commercial was a twenty-year-old bikini model from Palmdale. I found her through a friend of a friend at a local gym… true story. She may not be known now, but we expect great things from our Kinsey.

Perhaps the greatest thing is to see your vision that started as a seed in your brain and then bantered back and forth between you and your partner, committed to paper. While people think we are crazy to shoot this at such a young age in our company, maybe that is just the type of crazy this world needs. Wish us luck… because we’re gonna need it.”

Originally published at on June 28, 2017.

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