In the very early history tribes who came from different parts of Europe came to the British Isles. Some of these tribes built Stonehenge. The stonehenge is two circles of stones which can be seen in the picture. The history says, that the stones on the outer circle have been transport from a stone quarry at a distance of several hundreds kilometres. How they managed to transport the big stones on such a long distance, and how they could raise the stones so high, is still a mystery today. Furthermore, it is also a mystery what construction techniques that was used by the Stonehenge builders.

Experts means it was build around 3000 BC to 2000 BC. Today it is one of the most famous landmark it UK and is seen as a British cultural icon.

The big mystery of the stonehenge is very discussed. For instance the famous Norwegian band Ylvis has made a song of it.

There is myths that the stonehenge had a healing power. If you took a scrape of the stonehenge dissolved it in water the water could heal wounds.