It’s Only Monday & I’m Ready for Cigars

Morning Juice, March 6, 2017

“Ideas excite me, and as soon as I get excited, the adrenaline gets going and the next thing I know I’m borrowing energy from the ideas themselves.”

Enlivened. Electrified. Adrenalized. Stoked. Giddy. Fired up!

To put it simply, I am excited. As I’m writing, my teammates are presenting one of the largest group efforts in our company’s history to a new client. The strategy is cemented. The minds have melded. The thinking is solid. The writing (IMHO) is well-crafted. After weeks working across disciplines, perspectives and continents, we have arrived at Monday morning. The moment of truth. To be a fly on that wall…

I’ve been through a few of these presentations before, the good and the bad. Once I stood in front of a boardroom of suits listening one by one to all the reasons why my presentation was complete crap. That was my 25th birthday. Then there was the time I witnessed our client come to tears listening to us articulate her brand’s story.

This one is different somehow. Maybe it’s because the very first line in the presentation is a killer setup. Maybe it’s because we worked so closely with Magnetic South Africa, home of supremely talented (and unseasonably tan) people. Maybe it’s because this brand operates in a really fun category. Or maybe it’s because the direction we’re taking the brand feels absolutely right for the times and the audience.

In any event, something cool is a brewing at Magnetic, and the quote above from Ray Bradbury (Fahrenheit 451, The Martian Chronicles) was the only one I could find that captures my giddiness.

Then again, there’s this email excerpt from our Director of Strategy, Will Hong. Being the gentleman he is, he took a moment away from kicking ass to express his appreciation for everyone involved.

I have immensely enjoyed our long back-to-back-to-back-to-back work and discussion sessions. I know they were mixed with emotions of excitement, despair, enlightenment, frustration, joy and struggle — and as these sessions should. But I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to embark with on this journey.
So anyhow, all this to say… Thank you ALL for your hard work, sweat, tears, farts, laughs, sighs, and smiles. I’m excited and proud to present this work tomorrow that has all of your fingerprints on it.

That’s #MAGfam culture.

Magnetic Creative can be one helluva experience. Not just because we’re pretty good at this branding thing. Mostly because of the opportunity with amazing people. Together, we built something great. Together we make great possible. And only from this vantage point–when you can look back on every decision, direction and bend in the road–can you appreciate the magnitude of every step it took to get here.

And it’s only Monday. Who’s got the cigar cutter?