My favorite Twitter accounts so far…

J Gal
J Gal
Jan 18, 2017 · 4 min read

I may not be drowning in work or stress or my calendar may not be saturated but I still put in the hours and efforts so that my visions and ideas become more like a reality. In order to do so, I made plans, or resolutions, for this year, which were made very clear in one of my tweets at @magna_pecunia, an account I created for reasons that I will further explain in this article.

My passion for entrepreneurship began back in 2015 so I’m relatively new to this whole gig, but now, it’s 2017 and I’ve grown to love the daily grind it takes to become an entrepreneur.

In the beginning I was clueless, I didn’t know how to get things done, I didn’t know who to go to, and most embarrassingly, I didn’t know what I wanted… but I’ve had luck along the way.

“Luck happens when preparation meets opportunity” — SENECA

My first attempt at becoming an entrepreneur was straight up a waste of time as well as mediocre. I thought that we (me and my business partners) had a great idea going on and that all we needed was to find any app developing company that’d be willing to work on our project and that the rest of it would become history. Again, I was clueless. This company appeared to be only interested in the money and not our idea (oh how I wish we knew about @ChopDawgStudios), which made us realize the importance of having a company that is willing to work with you and not for you. After many endeavors of trying to find the right people to work with and in the verge of giving up, I was told about this person, a teacher at my university, who might have be willing to work with us. Long story short he has become my friend, my mentor, and my business partner. Maybe my first attempt wasn’t a waste of time after all…

Another person that’s been very influential in my life I met at a crowded café, he had been waiting for a table to clear up so after some people got up and left the room he sat down, saw me and my family standing up and said “I don’t mind sharing”. We settled down and started talking, one topic lead to another and who would have known? I was conversing with Jon Ferrara. “I believe that one is in this world to grow and to help others grow”. Brilliant. That 30 minute encounter turned out to be one of the most inspiring events for me and it made me think: What if I had only said “thank you for letting us sit here” and that’s it? What if I hadn’t gone to that cafe? Or what if he didn’t want to share his table? So many things could have happened so that we wouldn’t meet at all. But we did, and I was prepared for the opportunity.

After meeting Jon I took his advice to start building up my social media and so I did that same day. I found out that I had a twitter account I hadn’t used in a while so I set up my profile, changed my user name, and started tweeting. You know that feeling when you’re talking and nobody’s listening?That’s exactly how I felt with my new Twitter account, a little discouraging I must way, but I started following people, people started following me and since January the 4th up until now, January the 12th, I’ve accumulated a total of 129 followers. Not bad but not at all enough. There’s a few people that I want to thank, these people have responded my questions, re-tweeted some of my content and given me extraordinary advice. So here’s a list of my favorite twitter accounts so far:

I’m very let down by this list and I wish it was bigger but I actually waited about a week to publish this article because I wanted more people to be in it but finding accounts like these on twitter is extremely hard, at least for a beginner like me. What I did was look up hashtags related to the niche I’m after, like #entrepreneur, #motivation, #inspiration. I read, liked and commented on many tweets, followed people and direct messaged them but yet nobody seemed to really want to engage in a conversation (also, many accounts aren’t real people) except for the people mentioned in my list. I must give credit to Joshua Davidson for having 700K+ followers and still inviting all of them to reach out to him and ask him any question or anything he can help with and actually making video responses to each individual! Amazing.

Before this article comes to an end I’d like to say that whoever reads this and feels like saying something about my social media strategies, ask any questions or even just interact with me, I’d be more than happy to talk, advice is always welcome. Thank you for your time,

J Gal

J Gal

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J Gal

Passionate innovator. Student of life. I stay motivated and share my motivation with others. Looking for people to interact with. Working on big things…

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