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Magna Numeris
Jul 28, 2018 · 3 min read

The Cryptocurrency industry is in its infancy. Due to its nascent nature, many of the advantages of being involved in a new industry at an early age are underscored by multiple and diverse problems within the market. Today, the main issues investors and participants face include; security, liquidity, and a lack of necessary infrastructure to encourage adoption.

Magna Numeris is an all in one solution dedicated to cryptocurrency users, pushing the boundaries of conventional platforms to help grow the peer-to-peer economy. Accessible to users at home or on the go ; our multi-service app creates a unique ecosystem designed for both curious beginners and veteran cryptocurrency users.

“We initiated the project Magna Numeris to solve the actual problems that cryptocurrency users experiment everyday. With our product Magna Numeris, no need to swap your crypto currencies back to fiat, just use them as how they should be use, directly & simply.” Rayane hocine, CEO of Magna Numeris

The Magna Map can connect two users on the map facilitating a peer-to-peer transaction between the two parties using smart contracts. Our Magna Map also displays and locates where our customers can use their cryptocurrencies at local crypto-friendly merchants and businesses.

ICO Marketplace users will be able to participate directly into partnered ICOs using the App. Each ICO will have a ‘digital stand/profile,’ and users can swipe on the platform to sort through the companies. Each listed ICO on the platform will be given a community rating by Verified Members.

The Magna Store allows users to purchase goods and products using cryptocurrencies. The store includes an index including every trusted website accepting cryptocurrencies into one shop and search bar. It is finally getting easier to find goods online for cryptocurrency users.

Magna Numeris crypto shop is a fiat to crypto-gateway. Users will be able to buy cryptocurrency directly after ID verification via credit/debit card or bank wire. During the transaction, users will receive a percentage of the transaction fee back in the form of the Magna Token.

The integrated multicurrency wallet allows users to safely and securely store their crypto on their mobile phone or tablet. Users are ensured to send/receive cryptocurrency transfers or make purchases in real life — hassle-free. Cryptocurrencies are locally stored, meaning that the coins/tokens are owned and controlled by the users rather than an exchange or a third party.

The MGN is an innovative token implemented into the entire ecosystem to enhance user experience and the platform.

The blockchain behind MGN is designed with the principle of “Burn & Renewal” Used token within the ecosystem get burnt, and a fixed amount of token is generated each month.

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Magna Numeris

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Magna Numeris is a startup developing solutions for cryptocurrency users, pushing the boundaries of conventional platforms to help grow the peer-to-peer economy

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