Application of Meishen’s Active Magnesium Oxide

Because there is no products with higher activity, the magnesium oxide industry has been enslaved to the foreign magnesium oxide manufacturers. In order to change this kind of current situation, Meishen Technology succeed in researching and developing the active magnesium oxide 150 independently. Therefore, what are the applications of this active magnesium oxide 150 of Meishen.

The active magnesium oxide 150 is researched by the Meishen Technology independently. The content of it is 98.0, the density(g/cm3) is 0.48, the iodine absorption value( ml/g) is 150 and the specific surface area(BET,m2/g) is 145. It is white powder. The package of it has two kinds: the paper package is 20 kilograms each bag, and the plastic package is 1kilogram each bag. When you store it, you should pay attention to the aeration-drying and keep away from Moisture. After using, please remember to seal the opening.

The active magnesium oxide 150 of Meishen can used as the fortifier of heat-resisting sizing material to improve the heat-resistant quality when it is filled in butadiene-acrylonitrile rubber and other kinds of rubbers. The active magnesium oxide 150 of Meishen has high purity and less impurity. It is appropriate for the product which has strict requirements for heavy metal. The dosage is 2–15PHR. What’s more, it can be used for conductive silicone sheet, conductive resin PA6 and PPS. Through matching the different grain size, the thermal conductivity can achieve 5W/m.K.

The active magnesium oxide 150 of Meishen is the high pure magnesium oxide which is burned and reacted completely, and refined from seawater by chemical process. It belongs to ultramicro powder. What’s more, the surface treatment of it uses special material. The product has superior polymerism and excellent dispersing performance, and is easy to repel moisture. In addition to be the vulcanizing agent and activating agent, it also can be used as reinforcing filler. The higher activity value is 150. It has strong acid absorb performance, and especially suitable for rubber based adhesive, natural rubber pressure sensitive adhesive, styrene-butadiene rubber adhesive, nitrile-butadiene rubber, fluororubber, chloroprene rubber adhesive, chloroprene rubber glue and chlorosulfonated polyethylene. It can improve the products’ curability and physical property.

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