The Different Methods to Select Magnesium Oxide

As the matter of fact, there are many kinds of magnesium oxide. For example, light magnesium oxide, reactive magnesium oxide, high-purity magnesium oxide and so on.

Light magnesium oxide: the light magnesium oxide is usually used in making the metallurgy, smelt, advance magnesia brick, refractory material and the moisturizing material. What’s more, it widely used in the rubber, rubber sheet, rubber products, the pharmaceuticals industry and food industry, the plastic sheets accelerate and fiberglass plasticizer. Of course, it as well as can be used in the surface coating ail paint of silicon steel sheet, the stuffing of paper production, the reinforcing agent, the polishing paste of steel ball, the finishes, insulating material, the grease, dye, ceramic, desiccant, the resin and the fire retardant.

Reactive magnesium oxide: It is mainly used in the pharmaceutical butyl-rubber stoppers. The middle active magnesium oxide is usually used in choroprene rubber adhesive. And the low active magnesium oxide is always used for treatment of acid drainage, flue gas desulphurisation and so on. The low active magnesium oxide was made of magnesite through burning it. However, the active magnesium oxide with a high iodine absorption value was general produced by special process.

High pure magnesium oxide: the high-end magnesium oxide means that the content of magnesium oxide is over 98. It was made using the method of chemical purification and from sintered magnesium oxide. It was regarded as the middle material of making pure industrial magnesium oxide. It can be found in the market. But a few industry need it.

As the most advanced magnesium oxide supplier and manufacturer, Meishen Technology suggests that you should find out the standard of magnesium oxide you need, and then look for designated manufacturer. Meishen Technology took part of revising national standard of light magnesium oxide in 2005, and took part in drafting national standard of active magnesium oxide in 2006. It is always working to research the production of magnesium oxide. Since the establishment of enterprise, it was trusted by new and old customers because of the quality service and the creditable quality. What’s more, it has been awarded many honorary titles, and set an example of Chinese magnesium oxide industry.


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