Innovative, Kevlar Charger Is Unbreakable!

With a total of 1.75 billion user and more smartphone users budding everyday, the technology industry has to evolve everyday with a new products and applications. Boost in the smartphone sales, means that the opportunity to build better accessories has risen. When we buy our smart phones first time, they come equipped with charging plug, USB cable and earphones. However, within six months, we go back to the showroom asking for the replacement of the charging cable.

Doesn’t matter if you have been using one phone since the beginning, all of us have changed our chargers and cable wires a million times. First, it is the splitting of cable insulation at the ends. This in turn exposes the wires, often leading to their breakage. However, we have to know that breakage is not due to the poor quality of the cables. This is due to the fact that we assault our charging cable by pulling them out when they are connected or placing them in the bag without looping them securely.

Nonetheless, whatever the situation might be, it is important that the cables should be strong enough to emerge unscathed from all the assault that is done to it. Many organizations are working towards them. One such organization is Volta. Known for the creation of an innovative and pioneering technology, Volta has created charging cable from Kevlar and Spectra Fiber Rope. The material a strong, tangle-free military grade charging cable, works well with any device & never breaks. It also has the following characteristics:

  • 18K Gold plated copper core plug for maximum charge conduction
  • 23 AWG Copper wires for maximum charge conduction.
  • Copper electroplating with layer of tin Bronze.
  • 3 layers of PVC protection, your cable will surely last forever.
  • 18K Gold plated needles deliver faster, more stable current transfer
  • Anti-oxidative and anti-corrosive Nickel-plated interfacing.

This innovative Spectra Fiber Rope and Kevlar charger can be used to power any device with a micro USB or lightning port, such as your Apple or Android smartphone, tablet and even a game console! It is well known that you must flip USB THREE times before it will fit; which means USB will not fit until observed” Volta comes with a reversible Type A USB. Now you can connect instantly every time and anytime.

This means you make no more guesses while trying to connect your cable. With Volta, you get it right the first time. We are setting the standards for USB connectors, Wouldn’t you rather join the train? So, go ahead and get your VOLTA in the following colours: Black, Rose Gold, Silver, and Pink.