WEEKLY MAG UPDATE 29/11/18–04/12/18

We are currently in the Swap phase which means our 2 biggest exchanges Cryptopia and coinexchange.io, has stopped MAG wallets for maintenance and their tech team is preparing exchange accounts for swap. The experienced delay on Cryptopia exchange is due to the infrastructure problems, so we ask for your patience while waiting for the swap to happen.

This week we had a brief update from Cryptopia that our wallet source code passed their Quality Assurance (QA) process and has been added to their wallet setup queue. This means we are very close to the actual swap.

The chain explorer available at http://explorer.magnetwork.io has now been updated to the new chain. For legacy, the old chain remains browsable here: http://oldexplorer.magnetwork.io.

Along with everything else, the Woocommerce plugin for MAG Merchant Tools was updated to the new chain last week. As the full MAG services migration is reaching completion, we have also started work on the main website update and Litemint is being extensively tested. Our team has used the swap waiting period productively.

Roadmap discussions have also taken us to new heights of inspiration and we have defined our vision for e-commerce solutions. Soon after the post-swap website release, we will have a new roadmap available for the public!

While waiting for the swap why not try your luck finding the perfect vanity address to add to your new wallet? In the last weekly we revealed that we have setup an online tool just for the task:

Read more about using it from our last Weekly Update — https://medium.com/@magnetwork/weekly-mag-update-20-11-18-27-11-18-59a01ba37112

Feel free to post great Vanity Address findings to our Twitter! Longest we have gotten currently has been 6 letter ones so would be great to hear maybe 7 or even 8 letter words.

During the past days, another question has been on the fingertips of Discord community members: “I missed the swap, did I lose all my coins?”. Let us make it clear that all UTXO (unspent transactions) with a timestamp before the 11th of November are safe and sound. We will have a late Swap option available as soon the automatic one is carried out on Cryptopia so no need for panic.

Also, Litemint web/mobile wallet will be released shortly after the Swap. Last week a more in depth overview about the service was published so make sure to read through it for more information — https://magnetwork.io/blog/more-on-magnet-and-litemint

New chain wallet will be released in few days so make sure You follow us on any of our social channels to stay updated!
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Originally published at magnetwork.io on November 29, 2018.