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Presenting MagNFT Issue XI

This issue has been revamped within the design of the magazine. Worked with a student in graphic design helping me better understand placement and layouts for magazines.

It is also the last Issue with as a Curative Editorial guest, bringing us the 5 Blue Chip in his portfolio.

In this Issue, Violet P is our featured artist and a must-read. This amazing talent in both visual and digital Arts will capture anyone with her short films like TheUmbrage that you can view in the magazine itself.

Cent & MagNFT

1st MagNFT Post

Welcome to the 1st MagNFT introduction post. I will go threw the entire process that brought this project to date, its relationship with Cent platform, what is MagNFT, it’s accomplishments to date and its objective going forward. Make sure to follow us.

Satoshi Initiatives & Cent

I personally…

Let’s get real serious about adoption. The one we all dream of having the common user utilizing Blockchain innovation on a daily basis.

I remember a retweet from one of the now hundred of Crypto Influencers that travel all these ETH Event and stating it’s the same Projects, Same Blockchain…

Crossing the line. A Noami Campbell storyline.

In marketing, public relations is the foundation of perception.

This entire ecosystem of Blockchain technologies mostly populated by developers is known for it’s FUD, FEUD, and Toxicity. The ongoing battles between multiple clans are well felt in the Twittersphere. We are not just…

In the past few years, the Blockchain ecosystem has relied on “Influencers” to market their project. Recently, we are seeing major players in the development community starting to offer marketing services, like Consensys.

Marketing is the science of engagement. The ability to capture attention and establishing a need for the…

We are a Marketing Growth Firm for Blockchain Technologies.

Satoshi Initiatives was founded in early 2019 in Montreal, Canada. We believe this new ecosystem is filled with talented and knowledgeable people. We believe that blockchain innovations will be adopted globally and is the path to digital equality.

Since the Bull…


The NFT Magazine spotlighting digital artists.

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