Course name : SAP MM Online Training

24*7 technical support

Duration : 30 hours

faculty : Realtime experience

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Magnific Training prides itself on ensuring that our online trainers are real time experts.only the online training company deliver online training programs to our valued candidates.

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SAP MM Training Course Syllabus :

  • ERP Overview
  • Business Scenarios
  • Materials Management Overview
  • Enterprise Structure:
  • Definitions
  • Assignments
  • Significance
  • Master Data
  • Material Master
  • Vendor Master
  • Purchasing Info Record
  • Source list
  • Quota arrangement
  • Purchasing:
  • Introduction to different Purchasing documents
  • Classification of purchasing documents.Configuration and creation of purchasing documents.Purchase Requisition
  • RFQ
  • Purchase Order
  • Limit Orders / Blanket Orders
  • Contracts — Release Orders
  • Scheduling Agreements (With Release /Without Release)
  • Release Procedure
  • Creation of purchase orders automatically.
  • Pricing
  • Defining condition types
  • Condition tables
  • Access sequence
  • Condition technique
  • Defining calculation schema and determination of schema
  • Inventory ManagementPlant Parameters for IM
  • Movement Types — Significance and relevance
  • Goods Movements (GR ,GI,TP)
  • Inbound Deliveries
  • Interplant Transfer
  • Physical Inventory Proc
  • Account postings.
  • External Service Procurement
  • Introduction to external services management.
  • Creation of service master.
  • Service po
  • Service entry sheet
  • Acceptance of service entry sheet.
  • Material Requirement Planning / Consumption Based Planning
  • MRP Types
  • MRP Profiles
  • MRP Groups
  • MRP Run
  • Re- Order Point Planning
  • Valuation
  • Material Valuation
  • Split valuation
  • Configuration for split valuation.
  • Account Determination
  • Introduction to account determination.
  • Valuation class
  • Account category reference
  • Transaction event keys
  • Valuation grouping code
  • Configure settings and G/L account assignment.
  • Logistics Invoice Verification
  • Invoice Process — Business Case
  • Configuration
  • Invoice
  • Credit Memo
  • Subsequent Credit /Debit
  • Invoice Blocking , Release
  • Taxes
  • Integration Scenarios
  • MM-SD ( Third Party Order processing)
  • Consignment , Pipe Line Process
  • Sub-contracting Process
  • Settlements
  • Stock transfer orders


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