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In this guide, I will show you how to set-up and use Magnify on your Slack workspace. First of all, if you don’t know how to create a workspace in Slack, please follow the first guide. If you already have a Slack workspace, you can skip to the “How to add Magnify to your workspace” by scrolling down a bit.

How to create a workspace in Slack

1. Visit to create a new Slack workspace

2. Enter your email that you can access and click on Next

3. Enter the 6-digit confirmation code on your email inbox to confirm your email address

4. Enter your company or team name and click next

5. Name the project your team is working on. Example: Q4 Budget, Website Update…

6. Add your team members’ email address to invite to your new workspace

Congratulations, you have finished creating your new workspace!

Now, lets setup Magnify!

How to add Magnify to your workspace

1. Visit and click add to Slack button on our homepage.

2. Allow Magnify to access your workspace features by clicking Agree button.

3. Click “Groups” Button on the left of the menu to create a group of people.

4. Click create “New Group” on the right of the menu.

5. Name your group and pick the users you want to send your message.

6. After creating your group, click “Send Messages” and then “New Message”.

7. Choose your recipient group which you have created on the previous steps and start to write your message.

You can also schedule your message by clicking the dropdown menu next to “Time Start”. To personalize your message, you can use <recipientUser> to replace it with the recipient user name. Example:

Hello <recipientUser>,

Please don’t forget to submit your salary request until the end of this month.

You can see all your pending/sent/scheduled messages by clicking Magnify icon on the top left corner.

You can also run a poll with Magnify. Here are the steps for that:

1. Click “New Poll” button on top right corner.

2. Choose your recipient group and write the message you would like to ask. And then click the “Poll Options” to set the choices.

3. Enter the option you would like to show and click “+” button to add more and click “go!” button to send to your group.

4. You can find the results of your poll by clicking the “Results” button belongs to your message.

That’s it! Magnify is very easy to set up and use. Please contact us at if you have any question, we will be happy to help with it.

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