“Russians Didn't Hack Voting Machines” is Fake News
Christopher Keelty

I think that you are absolutely right — particularly as now all intelligent offices confirm the hacking of Russian to promote Trump and on the light the report emerged today about the links of middle man in Trump … why on Earth there is no full analysis including look at the machines themselves — it should not be hard to hack … Demand the full analysis — There are too many strange trends that lead to a simple hacking of old machines — the data in Florida, PA, WI and MI are particularly strange — the data is lower than people shown by sattelite in the lineups … check the satellite data and compare with the numbers of votes casted in the particular voting station. Also, you need to see all the votes again — it is so easy to change it for Trump. Honestly a paper copy is the fairest way to do and you will have much less headabhe .. but please do it for democracy…

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