How to become rich ?

Rich in knowledge, in adventure, in heath, in laughter and life.

When we hear or read the word “Rich”, the first thing that pops up in our mind is money. Well money is important but money is a byproduct of your work. Don’t chase money, chase good service and money will flow in. Here are few tips to become rich in life.

1. Read

I never read books while I was growing up and I’ve just recently started reading books and to be honest it’s the best thing ever. It’s as entertaining as watching a show on Netflix. By reading a book, you gain the most raw source of knowledge which one can use anywhere.

2. Travel

Travelling is one those experiences that opens your mind towards many new horizons. It refreshes your mind and soul. It’s sort of meditation. You come across many new ideas and people when you travel.

3. Break sweat

When you workout you use your energy to do something for yourself, when you workout regularly you see results and that’s the most satisfying & motivational thing ever.

4. Always smile

Everyone wants happiness. The only thing to make yourself happy is to smile as much as you can. Doing this will actually make you feel 200% more better. Our brain is just like a computer and it can be programmed too , smiling more will trick your brain and will actually make you happier.

5. Invest

Would you choose $50 right now or $150 15 minutes later ? Well, $150 obviously. Smart people tend to invest money in every opportunity they see. Buy stocks, gold or bitcoins and see the money grow. But don’t get too excited and invest in the first thing you see. Learn about the market or get expert advice.