It’s okay to not fit in

People who don’t fit in are actually the one’s to stand out

Sometimes there comes a new situation like getting to a new school, university or company etc. and you ask yourself will I be able to fit in? Well that’s a very wrong question to ask because when you try to fit in, you try to become like the people around and you lose your own individuality. Individuality is important because you’re important. I am not saying don’t meet new friends or anything, do that! this will help you grow so much as a person. In situations like this just be yourself, don’t pretend because it’s really easy for other people to point who’s faking it and who’s not. Rather just give yourself some time to adapt to your surroundings, it might take few days, weeks or months but you will end up with people like you and there’s not any feeling better than being around with people who actually understand you and have mutual interests.

Don’t chase people, chase your interests and you’ll end up with like minds.