Making the right mistake

Normally, people see mistakes as an end but they are just stumbles you come across maybe in your career or life whatever. Some of us learn for it others just move on but life is all about making mistakes because these stumbles make you analyze the situation and come up with a way that you might not be able to think if everything happened so smoothly. I believe each one of us is an entrepreneur in someway or the other and there are number of institutional voids that we all might be coming across in our daily life, you know what some of us actually fill up those voids and getting things done. But this is not easy, we tend mistakes a lot of them and it’s actually a really good thing because it takes you from where you were to where you’re now.

Making mistakes + learning from them + fixing them = growth

What mistakes have you made earlier just forget about them. What’s done is done, you can’t just go back and try to fix them now. Make new mistakes and us the rule mentioned above to make them lead you to success.

There’s always a mistake, there’s always a way and there’s always success.