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Freetown, Sierra Leone — All about referrals

Our bounty is very straight forward. Users get unique link on our web-site by registering and clicking the referral button in the investor’s box. Then you get bounty proportional to the unique people from an unique who click your link. You can share this link in your signature on forums, in posts on social media and on other places. Signup here

Two percent (2%) of the token distribution is reserved for our bounty participants. Users can register for the bounty on our website

The bounty rewards will be distributed like this:

Sierra Leone- 26.10.2017. — pre-sale ANN

ML Logo

MagnumLink Ltd. is a blockchain company that currently holds a valid license for mines that have diamonds, gold and probably other precious minerals in Sierra Leone. Its goal is to exploit these natural resources and the precious minerals it will extract and buy from certified sellers to store in a safe third-party deposits. For every gram of precious metals and every 0.01 of a carat of a diamond, MagnumLink will issue digital tokens. Each precious mineral will have its precious token such as MLG for gold, MLD for diamonds, MLS for silver and so…

Freetown, Sierra Leone– 03.10.2017.

MagnumLink Ltd.

MagnumLink Ltd. is a company registered with the goal of mine exploration and exploitation internationally and currently holds a valid license for mines that have diamonds and gold in Sierra Leone. Today, driving on the wave of innovative blockchain technologies, MagnumLink decided to create its own blockchain project in which investors and owners of precious minerals can store their valuables in safe storages in exchange for MagnumLink tokens that are freely tradable for other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether but also exchangeable for fiat currencies. We call these tokens backed by precious minerals precious tokens. …

MagnumLink ICO

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