Cancer Can Be Killed — The Film. Visual Evidence for the Skeptics.
Jeff Witzeman

Jeff, thank you so much for this film! I was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer (at age 48) and I still do not know the extent of it yet. Waiting on results from a test has my mind going crazy thinking about what the future holds. I know that God has a purpose in all things. I just have to find out what His purpose is in this. I think finding your film tonight may be part of that answer! My wife and I were discussing the issue as I was browsing Amazon Prime and that is where I found you! A lot of what I saw and heard in your film about nutrition, sugar, etc. makes complete sense. I also believe in following the $$$. I did a research paper in college about the FDA and I firmly believe they are a scam! I do not trust them. I will definitely be questioning my doctor about alternative treatments at my next appointment!

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