TR-369 to add new features to the router

Magnus Olden
Nov 8, 2018 · 2 min read
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Traditionally CPEs have been associated with provisioning and management systems known as ACS. These services connect to the CPE through the well known protocol TR-069. There are currently 800 million CPEs connected through this protocol and it works well for provisioning and simple management services.

New requirements especially for home Wi-Fi have arisen due to heavy usage and high expectations for connectivity driving greater demand for more advanced solutions. Different cloud solutions monitor and control Wi-Fi, (Example: Domos and security (Example: SAM With this comes the need for multiple services to connect directly to the CPEs with more frequent and up to date data exchange compared to the old TR-069. To date only non standard proprietary solutions have been built to solve this.

Broadband Forum, the non-profit industry organisation that created the original TR-069 specification are working to solve this. From their User Service Platform (USP) project a new protocol is specified, namely TR-369. While continuing support for TR-069 it adds significant new features like s provisioning and management of third party software agents to run on any CPE. It also add modern and scalable message protocols that can support real-time IoT and management use cases..

The result is that cloud solutions easily can connect to any authorised CPE supporting the protocol and therefore eliminate the need for proprietary solutions on the CPE. The best feature is the client is likely be open-sourced and included in prplWRT and other open source middleware systems that currently run the CPEs.

It’s also worth mentioning that Plume just open-sourced their OpenSync ( solution. It’s basically a competing standard that can also be used for communication with the CPEs. Whoever wins the crowd is yet to be decided, but inevitably its only good news for the ISPs as it enables them to easily add services to the CPEs without being locked into their CPE manufacturer.

First version of TR-369 is expected to be out by the end of 2018 and is likely to be offered as open-source immediately.

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