It’s Not About Race!
John Metta

Far too often white people like myself ask themselves, or are asked to check their privilege without really knowing what that means.

This article gives such clear and honest insight into the world of the white person from outside. Where we can go through it with minimal effort, where social norms are built to accommodate us.

Having recently travelled to Europe I still found it so easy to move through society even though I did not speak many of the local languages.

I only had to rely on my natural whiteness, of which I have much of, to assure the locals I belonged to their tribes. A smile and a quick apology in English forgave me all the social faux pas.

Sure I was foreign, but I was the right kind of foreign, exotic.

This is white privilege at its root, where I have been passed over by police for clear criminal acts that would have a man of colour arrested.

Where I am given preference in shops or lines over people of colour based on my whiteness, even though they were waiting longer.

Life is easy for me.

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