When Did The Far Right Become Valid?

If you met me you’d quickly get to know I am fairly “left” leaning. I have shaped my views based on equality, acceptance, humanism and a fair go for all.

These seems to me to be somewhat the general spirit this country is founded on. While I do not agree with the principles of conservative economics, conservatism and the outcomes of modern capitalism at least I can understand it.

Those that adhere to it have a platform which is for its own flaws defensible. We can meet on common ground and share points to move forward to improve society.

However the disturbing trend is that the far right is again becoming an acceptable viewpoint, ideologies that once were fringe are creeping into Australian society.

The centre right is losing validity and traction in response to this, they creep further out to meet the extreme, giving them air. Validity is lent to views that are dangerous, that threaten the very fabric of society.

When did promoting hate become okay? My mind boggles when I see the brazen defense of Hitler, if you need to be educated on his acts then there is something wrong. Why is it okay to debate if black people are necessary? This is not just a “thought experiment” this is discussing genocide. Why are we talking about deporting Muslims?

Why do is no one in this country so outraged that we have off shore concentration camps interring people indefinitely, including children? Why is it people here feel it is okay to let women be raped there and then not get an abortion? Why is this okay?

How has this happened? Why is this okay?

I wonder this every day, I wonder this when my views on reforming society are met with agression and opposition. I wonder this when my friends question the need to protect diversity. I wonder this when people I know are victims of violence because of their ethnicity, religion,sexuality, ability or gender.

Why are we talking about white extremism like it is okay?

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