No more having miles of Sketch or XD artboards before starting development.

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Corona has made the cost of delay more expensive than ever

At some point, continuous improvement isn’t continuous anymore. You have to release new versions, be they tiny changes, at a certain interval to attain a higher development speed, and get ahead of the competition. Corona has had few positive effects on our society, except having us start caring about each other again. But one positive side-effect is that the quarantine imposed switch to all digital interfaces has forced many organizations to scramble. Those lacking well functioning digital products had to build them fast, and those who kept bad customer experiences unchanged, have seen their business go to those who changed. …

— And what you can do about them

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Photo by Pete Wright on Unsplash

The Customer Experience has been identified as the most crucial factor for digital business development. Still, many companies move much slower than they could due to completely unnecessary bottlenecks in experience design. How they create these bottlenecks will tell us how to get rid of them. And shorten the time to market for high-quality Customer Experience development.

The Customer Experience has become more crucial than ever

Changing banks has never been something we did lightly. Actually, it used to be the commercial equivalent to a lifelong marriage. And then, just recently, when one of Northern Europe’s largest banks saw its competitor launch a new app, they also started to lose customers to them. There were no new products, no difference in interest rates or fees. …

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Reducing time to market for digital strategies

In a world where disruption, the death of dinosaurs and digital transformation is mentioned in every board room, it’s more than surprising that so many of the mentioners talk so little about the how.

Because we are at an impasse. In the world of software development, continuous delivery is a key to speed. But the processes in use today are more than struggling to incorporate customer experience, design and communications on the level that organisations—and their customers — demand. …

Du har kommit till magasinet BYL1NE. Här kommer vi att kunna publicera saker som händer parallellt med avsnitten i tv-serien.

- Or is this a global phenomenon? 

Think Tanks used to be fairly unknown, at least to the general public. But now we live in an age when many of them seem to exist solely to give their members and opinions legitimacy and make it easier for them to get quoted in media.

The strange thing is that we’ve almost had an inverse trajectory: The more popular Think Tanks have become and the more often they are referenced in media and public discourse, the more they tend to be expressing opinions as opposed to actually thinking. Why is that? …

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The house up North my father designed

If someone told you that the North Pole location of Santa’s home was a myth, and that in reality he and his wife stemmed from the county of Dalarna, Sweden, you would deem it more than plausible if you came there this time of year. Riding the train up from Stockholm, I was crossing through a landscape of undulating, fluffy white hills and constantly harassed by jingling bells, Christmas Carols and those pesky arbitrary Top Ten Lists of random things from the past year.

All of it piped to my headphones from a radio station the train’s onboard Internet had as its default setting. You see, for anyone making a journey like mine, the Yule Tide antics other people find amusing, and maybe even cozy, are like having spruce needles under your t-shirt. …


Magnus Westerberg

Magnus Westerberg works as an Experience Director and coaches CX development, digital strategy and concept development at and

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