How to Control Your Mind, so You Will Skyrocket to the Stars.

All too often we believe our own inner voice that says we cannot achieve our goals. Someone told us once, that we are limited, and we believed them. They probably told us more than once, in fact, often this is a common, sometimes daily notification. It becomes ingrained in our psyche.

If we believe this, even a little bit, it is amazing how profoundly it affects our lives. Next time you tell yourself you cannot achieve your goal, ask why, who says so. It is not your circumstances, it is your mind. Gain control of your thoughts, and you will skyrocket to the stars.

Think about it. What happens when you doubt yourself? All action stops. You find a distraction, and settle into your comfort zone. We all stumble this way. We hit a wall of self doubt. It can manifest in many ways. Usually it is the same story, different day.

It is when we start to recognize the pattern, that we can change the outcome.

What action have you taken today, that will make the outcome different than yesterday?

The same action will not create a different result, if it is your old habits you are repeating.

Pick an action that will make a change in your life. Even if it is as simple as changing the way you drive to work each day. Interrupting the patterns of your life will allow you to see the deeper patterns which hold you where you are.

Reach for the stars.

Choose to open your heart to yourself. First accept your weakness, then welcome your weakness. For it is in your weakness, that you will find your greatest strength. When you hear what you tell yourself, that causes you to fail every time. When you know the exact words you use to sabotage yourself, only then will you be free.

The power comes in the knowing.

Knowing yourself.

Only then will you find the key that unlocks the door to your best life.

Reach for the stars.

Allow yourself to be bright, light and joyful.

Listen to all your excuses. Listen to all your complaints.

Turn them inside out.