With Great Wisdom We Will Rise Out of The Ashes of Our Lives

We all have a great wisdom within us. It is hidden by our fears, worries, doubts and beliefs. All of those before us, who have opened their own great wisdom, have contributed greatly to our collective human experience. Yet from an early age we often teach our children to trust us, instead of themselves. “Why? Because, I said so!” Trust in me, I am the authority. This trains the young mind to trust in all authority, above and beyond their own ability to reckon. While this is beneficial on many levels, it also creates a barrier to accessing our own inner, great wisdom. We learn that all knowledge is outside us. That we must seek knowledge, and hoard it within. That, like a dragon, the greater our hoard, the greater the person. When we focus only on external knowledge, we lose sight of our inner knowledge. Our own great wisdom is lost.

The great wisdom springs not from hatred and greed. It springs not from fear and violence. It springs, instead from compassion and grace. It springs from forgiveness and kindness. It springs from love and respect. It springs from the silence within us.

We all have great wisdom within us, from the pauper to the king. What differentiates us is the amount of “mud”covering our eyes. Mud in the form of reaction instead of response, beliefs instead of thinking, passion instead of love. How do we remove the mud and see clearly in the world? How do we wash clean our eyes and begin to see?

From the stillness within, your eyes will be washed clean.

Every time you touch your inner silence, a little more “mud” is washed away. Every time you give yourself a little grace, a little more “mud”is washed away. If we give ourselves grace for our small mistakes, we are less likely to lash out in anger, frustration or fear. We all know that our hatred of others, is fed by a hatred of ourselves, and a fear, that someone might see our true inner demons. We all know that hatred, fear, greed and violence are fed from within ourselves. These negative emotions are encouraged in our society because they exert a great force. Like a strong current, we are swept along with the tide of emotion around us.

But, there is no room for them in the silence within. It is not a banishing, or to be forbidden, nor pushed aside, it is just not necessary.

Within the silence, you will find your grace.

Seek out your inner silence. It is within you. Desire is an abyss, that cannot be filled. Yet, we can turn the abyss upside down, and stand on a mountain of abundance, with gratitude. If you find your inner light, and use it to bring light to your inner darkness, ask yourself, “who gave me this darkness?” “why is it important to me?” “what do I wish to achieve with my darkness?” “is it worth the price?”

You have a greatness within you. A great spirit. A great wisdom. It is selfish to hide it from the world?