Top 3 Travel Destinations for Solo Women in 2016

Where are you going to go in 2016? We’ve put together a list of three of our favorite travel destinations that we think you’ll love. It was hard to choose, because there are so many incredible places in the world. Whether you’re a seasoned solo travel veteran or are hoping to venture out for the first time alone this year, we’re excited for everything that’s ahead for you!

Our Top 3 Destinations for Solo Female Travelers

Solo travel is empowering, especially if you’re a single woman. But it’s important to put safety first, so we made sure to recommend some of the safest cities in the world.

  1. Ottawa — Canada’s capital city is charming and easy to get to. You’ll be surprised at how multicultural it is as you hear both French and English being spoken throughout the city. There are phenomenal restaurants and cozy cafes to visit, as well as many museums. When you’re walking around the city, make sure to visit Parliament Hill — the buildings are beautiful! If you’d like to visit Parliament, you’ll need a ticket — you can get one on the Parliament website. We also recommend visiting the ByWard Market, which is one of the oldest markets in Canada. There, you can find souvenirs as well as artisan foods and local produce.
  2. Copenhagen — People in Copenhagen are some of the happiest and friendliest in the world, despite the gray weather! You’ll love the gorgeous architecture of the city, especially the castles (like this one) and palaces! You can stroll by the harbor, try fresh seafood (or this amazing paleo restaurant) or visit the National Museum. The Gefjun fountain, which tells the story of how Denmark was created, is lit up in blue at night — don’t miss it!
  3. Hong Kong — Not only is this a fantastic city to explore, but it is also an ideal jumping-off point if you plan to do any further travel in Asia. Steph, and inspiring solo female traveler, explains in this blog post why Hong Kong is her favorite city for solo travel: it’s very international and diverse, it’s easy to wander around without feeling unsafe, and the shopping is incredible! If you’ve ever wanted to get clothes tailor-made for you, this is the place to go — you can use this guide to find places to go to make the outfit of your dreams.Check out Victoria Peak, too — you can take a tram up to the top, and the views of the skyline and surrounding mountains are stunning!

If you decide to go to any of these places, we’d love to hear from you with your travel stories! So please stay in touch. At Magpie, we help you find accommodations with other solo female travelers all over the world — join us and make your next adventure the best one yet!