My Digital Mums road back to me.

A bit about me….

Unfortunately, I know my story is by no means unique, but I want to give you a little insight into how 6 months after having my little one I retrained and I’m now a qualified social media and digital marketing manager.

Three months in to the haze of nappies, sleepless nights and sick encrusted clothing I got the call no one wants to receive, my job was at risk of redundancy. The job I had given my heart and soul to, the endless late nights, the stress, the constant challenge to prove myself and move up that illusive ladder was ending. Now I know this may sound a little over the top but remember I had just had a baby which turned my life upside down, my career was my constant and a huge part of my identity.

A couple of months later and after numerous consultation meetings I felt completed deflated, and a huge sense of injustice that my maternity, a time that should have been for bonding with my little one and learning to be a mum, had been overshadowed by the stress and anxiety of losing my job, so I decided to take control. No longer would my maternity be about my old job it was about focusing on the future and finding a job that I enjoyed and gave me time with my little one.

I found out about Digital Mums through a Mums in Business networking morning I went to at my local pub, a lady there was in the final stages of the course and really raved about it. As soon as I started researching it there were so many friends and acquaintances that were doing the course or had done it, it felt like I had been living under a rock and was the only person not to know about Digital Mums! As soon as I read the details of the course I was sold, I signed up for the May cohort and was on my way to a new flexible career!

The Course.

I feel I should put this out there early on, this course is definitely not for the faint hearted, I think a lot of people (me included)look at social media and think ‘it can’t be that hard it’s just posting a couple of pretty pictures’ however don’t be fooled, a whole lot more goes in to those pretty pictures than you think!!!

Initially the course introduces you to the foundations of social media and the different platforms, then as you progress through the course you are required you to set-up & run a local grassroots campaign, that is how ‘MagpieMuma’ was born.

As a new mum I found getting into central London with a little one difficult so my focus for the campaign was to raise awareness of local retailers and the amazing fashion resources available in SW London, to demonstrate that sustainable fashion is something you can build into your wardrobe and that charity shops are a fantastic fashion resource.

The key components of the live campaign get you to work through; building your social media strategy, setting KPI’s and reporting on them, scheduling tools and paid advertising to name a few of the topics. For my campaign I created a variety of content from photos and videos to blogs about fashion and the local area to engage my audience and showcase local businesses.

Support Network.

One of the most incredible parts of the course is the support network that surrounds you, from the moment you join the course you are made to feel like you are part of a super exclusive and fun club. As part of the course you are assigned a group of 5–6 women that you will work alongside throughout your Digital Mums journey.

In the introductory webinar the speaker talked about how important your cohort will be, internally I laughed thinking I don’t need new friends (I’ve just paid for NCT friends 🤣) the course can’t be that hard! Oh, how naive I was, these 5 women became my rock, giving me unparalleled support, advice and drive at any time of the day even during the 5am freak outs! I can honestly say I would not have been able to complete the course if it wasn’t for them. Its crazy to think that 5 strangers over a relatively short period of time can have had such a profound impact on my life, I have made friends for life. Even after qualifying we continue to message daily and support each other on our work journey.

Course highlights.

I have to say that first like or comment is EVERYTHING!! I remember getting to 100 followers on Instagram and feeling like the song ‘I’m walking on sunshine whoa’ was my theme tune for the day, this was quickly followed by the crushing realisation that overnight I had dropped back to 99 followers, someone had un-followed me, what had I done????

This is one of the first lessons I learnt about social media, it can be a fickle place. That’s the incredible thing about this course, the lows and struggles of the course are quickly followed by some incredible highs; ‘that’ influencer has commented on your post, someone has retweeted your blog, you’ve nailed an interview with an epic local business!

It felt incredible to be leaning and using my brain again, this course has taught me so much, I can now confidently manage multiple social media platforms, from strategy building to scheduling to analysis to influencer engagement. Its opened doors to a new flexible career and I’m hopeful that combined with my retail background I can work with clients that will utilise my retail and social media skills.

Would I recommend the course?

Without a shadow of a doubt, I learnt so much, developed a hugely relevant new set of skills and met some incredible people along the way. At times it can feel like the course content is a little dated, but that’s always going to be the case with the ever-changing landscape of social media. As soon as content is produced, it is out of date!

The time commitment required can be challenging, when they say 15 hours a week its completely true, if not more. In the beginning it may only be a couple of hours, but the course quickly ramps up and you will have coursework to do as well as running your 3 channels full pelt. It can often feel like an overwhelming task, but don’t go into the course half-heartedly, this is an incredible opportunity to get involved in a community of women wanting to learn, develop and support each other, if you invest time and energy into the course you will reap the rewards.

What’s next…

It really is an exciting time for me, I have now qualified and secured my first client (whoop)

Did Digital Mums change my life, no, but what it did provide me with is a focus, a challenge and a new set of skills that have given me the confidence to go into the rapidly changing work place and know that I have something of value to offer any business.

The shameless plug!!

If you are looking to develop your social media channels and would like some advice or for someone to come on board, please get in touch I would love to hear from you!

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