50 shades of gray or how to become an excellent employee?

People say about how to become a good chief or an executive, but nobody provides a good guide or gives an advice how to become a perfect employee.

You can say: Why should I learn how to be dominated if I can learn how to lead people. Probably you are right. Everybody is born as a CEO or a top manager ;-)

Unfortunately, a leader who can’t manage tasks by himself, will not be able to delegate it as a rule. Thus, I’m sure that a person who can become an ideal employee will be able to become a master of staff management easily.

So, what character this person should have?

1. Conciseness

Everybody knows that a Head hires new people and delegate his tasks in order to meet one main goal — to save his personal time for more important and urgent tasks. That’s why a lot of CEO’s are not interested in listening to your incoherent and stupid nonsense.

2. Independence

Don’t waste your Lead time for those tasks that you are able to manage with on your own. Recently, I often had to delegate a lot of part of work and I faced with some real challenge. Fear to make a decision or to be responsible for a minor task is a common feeling today. It leads to the fact that Top managers spend a lot of time explaining things and answering questions from an employee who is unable to ask the right question about why he has difficulties in some tasks. Don’t be afraid to make a decision that won’t influence on company’s fate. So, we smoothly turn to the next important point.

3. Responsibility

As for me, It’s the one of the hard point, but it’s the key one for both top manager and employees. The main challenge is to find the ideal balance between acting on your own initiative, taking the liberty, being responsible and the situation where you have to keep from such actions and just to get the approval from the Lead. It’s important because your boss has to be always confident of the working process and to think that everything is under his control. So, how to find this balance? How to differentiate the tasks? You can answer these questions if you stick to the next advice.

4. Listening skills

“Give every man thy ear, but few thy voice!”
 — William Shakespeare.

So, I mean that you just need to listen to your boss and talk only if it’s necessary ;) Due to this a really easy advice — you can achieve the following:

a) You will train to hear what is required and expected from you. You can do your job without asking questions several times.

b) You can avoid some embarrassing situation when your lead is shocked by your stupid question you asked because you just didn’t listen to the end the essence of the task. If you listen person to the end, you can catch the main sense, ask a smart question, do your job well and just save your face.

5. The result is more important than the process

Any of your activities can be converted into figures. Remember that the leaders prefer only one type of reports, where everything is calculated in currency. Actually, everything is simple. If you can provide the work report in $, you are an irreplaceable employee. Did you try to calculate in cash such tasks as: 
- 3 hours communication with a potential client

- the audience increasing for SMM,

- writing a draft for SEO content and etc.
You can say that this is impossible? Probably it won’t be easy to create a direct proportion or create a pattern, but it’s possible to monitor the effectiveness of your activity in any possible ways. That is the way to your boss heart and to your success.

6. Emotional stability and restraint

You can’t even imagine how many times a day a standard employee has thoughts in his head to let everything hang out (go) and send described above points to hell))). However, only small amount of top managers can understand and forgive you for the slightest emotional breakdown of their employees. So, try to know distance.

Summing it up, let me share some key secret that can help you to become an ideal “submissive” in your professional area:

Learn to read your boss’s mind!

I don’t suggest you to develop some superpower or to go to the esoteric. I mean the ordinary psychological skills. Before you make some decision, try to walk in your boss’s shoes, think as a business owner, guess what he is expected from you.

In order to be able to manage people, you need to learn how to be a subordinate.

The Russian version of the article is here.