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In addition to supporting a number of Facebook’s design and user research teams, I lead our Responsible Innovation & Design core team. We work to cultivate ethical foresight in our product teams and develop and train teams across the company in responsible design practices. What follows is a public version of internal guidance we provided to our product teams who are designing features to address the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. …

I waited tables and worked retail for years throughout high school, college and graduate school to support myself. I learned so many valuable lessons working in those places, and I’m a generous tipper as a result. You’d have to spill hot soup in my lap and then laugh at my anguish to earn less than 20%.

Office workers work hard, but we also tend to be much better rewarded, garner valuable benefits, and our fatigue comes mostly from mental exertion.

Minimum wage service workers are frequently. supporting families on poverty-level incomes, sometimes as single parents, and often it’s not their…

I want to share a talk I gave on the design track at SXSW in early March of this year. This talk was inspired by a deeply held belief that we are at a critical time in my company and our industry’s history, and to propose some ways in which we can rise to the challenges that go along with these amazing products that we’ve built.

As technologists, we are all stewards of some of the most powerful communication tools ever created. These tools have generated a lot of good in the world, but their very power requires a…

I’ve just hit my five-year mark at Facebook, and it’s made me nostalgic for the early days in some ways, but not in others. Something I don’t miss is how hard it used to be to attract great design talent to the business side of Facebook. With all of the amazing consumer-oriented work going on at Facebook, it was hard to build awareness and attract talent to work on critical behind-the-scenes products for businesses, developers, and publishers.

Thankfully, we’re in a much better place today, with a large, vibrant, talented team building great products for businesses all around the world.

This piece was originally posted on the Designer Fund blog. Designer Fund invests in startups co-founded by designers to build and educate design teams through Bridge.

A few years ago, I hurt myself knitting. I knitted four baby sweaters in 10 days — including during some very extended international flights — which resulted in searing pain from tendonitis. I had to wear a wrist brace, and everyone assumed I had carpal tunnel from typing.

My grandmother’s stuffed peppers, a key entry in my Italian-American comfort food recipe book

Dear Grandma,

I was thinking of you last night. I’ve been having a stressful few weeks and as I often do, I turned to your recipes to give me and my family some comfort. The act of making your stuffed peppers makes me feel closer to you and to my mom, who is on the other side of the country from me. I wish I weren’t so far away from my parents as we all get older, but the smell coming out of the oven made me feel closer to them and to you.

It’s been so long since we…

One day, I was having my weekly 1:1 meeting with my boss, Andrew Bosworth. We were going through the regular updates about my team, things going on at Facebook more generally, yada yada. Then he asked me a somewhat startling question….

“So, Margaret, what’s going off the rails on your team?”

I was taken aback. Had he heard rumors that my team was “off the rails”? Did he think I was a screw-up, a leader unable to track the progress my team was making and ensure the right outcomes? My team was pretty big, and I thought I had a…

This week marks four years since I left my previous job to join Facebook. I’m feeling both nostalgic and also very fulfilled in my current role. I’ve also been thinking a lot about what feeds into that sense of fulfillment at work. What drives my satisfaction day-to-day, and over the long term? When I’ve made moves in the past, what was I looking to change? And could I have found what I was looking for without changing jobs?

There are so many things that factor into workplace fulfillment. And there’s been a lot of good research done on the subject…

Raffaello D’Andrea’s drone ballet; Photo: Bret Hartman / Ryan Lash / TED

Attending the TED conference always feels like an exhilarating privilege. It feels like going back to a great liberal arts university, if only for a few days. Thankfully the conference shares most of the talks through videos published in the weeks and months that follow the live conference. Each year, I collect my notes and share them, hoping that I can in some small way help some of these ideas spread a bit further. This year, there were so many talks worthy of attention that I’ve created a short list of what I think are the “must-watch” talks, as well…

About four years ago, I decided to take the plunge and join the Facebook Ads & Pages group to help build a design team for this crucial area of the business. I knew it was one of the biggest design opportunities in the industry, and I was excited to learn something new. I’d never worked on ads before, but I was pretty smart, and I had a good track record. How hard could it be?

Not long after I joined the team, I remember sitting in a staff meeting, listening to one of my colleagues discuss the specifics of a…

Margaret Gould Stewart

Vice-President of Product Design & Responsible at Facebook. Previously at YouTube & Google. Ted speaker. Passionate about design, ethics, & tech. Find me @mags.

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