Week 5 — Progress

Every time I start to work with a new group of students, I see a group of people wanting to move from an old job, start a new career or to develop skills. The first few weeks are always hard; “Can I do the work?” “I am doing this set of methods because Mags tells me — not because I actually know why.” “mybalsamiq sucks — I want higher fidelity” and then “Axure — I HATE IT.”

And then suddenly you see progress…

Today two people who hid behind the desk in their previous presentations, stood up and discussed their slides confidently and clearly.

Two people who found clarity hard when presenting, talked to the slides and made the points they wanted to make, rather than talk around the solution.

Others moved from 20 minutes presentations to 3–4 minutes as appropriate.

The techniques start to make sense to them — they understand why Research is competed before Ideation; that usability testing is there to improve your designs.

But even better, the types of UXers are beginning to emerge. I have an extremely strong interaction designer who loves Axure and discovered how to connect a database into it; emergent product managers, and really good managers of teams.

I still though have 5 weeks more until the class graduates; 5 more weeks to teach more methods, connect with people and work out where each person will fit in the UX ‘T’.

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