High Heeled Clogs are Ruling the Fashion Parade and Women Can’t Stop Drooling Over Them

High heeled shoes have become a staple fashion for women in the contemporary world. Not only they enhance the beauty of the feet, but also make women look elegant. The versatility of high heeled shoes is that they gel well with every outfit a woman wears and thus have dominated the shoe genre ever since the 70’s.

With the course of time, they have evolved and become a prized possession in a woman’s closet. High-heeled clogs have carved a niche with women of late and are a common sight in fashion parades.

A bit of History

But high-heeled shoes weren’t only popular among women. If you turn the pages of history, you will discover that those platformer shoes were worn by men as well. According to the Egyptian murals, high heeled shoes were worn by both men and women alike. There was no gender discrimination in the choice of wearing high heeled shoes.

Heels were made of wood and were worn only on special occasions. In the 17th and 18th centuries, heeled shoes became a symbol of aristocracy.

Though early heeled shoes bore straps at the back, with time the straps fused with the rest of the material. Men heeled shoes remained plain and simple while women shoes came with ornate designs. The heels became a raging fashion till the twentieth century, undergoing many changes in structure and looks.

In the late 20th century, clogs were born which carried the high heel legacy with it. From a footwear for the lower class, high heeled clogs have become a fashion accessory now.

Clogs have Come of Age

Clogs which were made of wood in the traditional times, feature leather and rubber material on the upper portions in the recent times. They come in a bunch of chic colors and are available in strap or strapless options. The heels come in varied heights and contours and are mostly handmade, especially the Swedish high-heeled clogs. Many shoe companies custom make the clogs, applying various production methods and designs.

There are Men Clogs as Well

The stake is high on the clogs. Women simply love clogs because it’s easy to wear and add oodles of glamour to their personality. And the most versatile thing about clogs is they can be worn in any season. Many don’t know however that there are clogs for men too.

Yes, you heard that right! Men clogs are made of durable black or brown leather and have short heels. Heeled clogs are also used by men and women in hospitals to protect them from germs.

High heeled clogs have been on the fashion radar for quite a time now and chances are bleak that they will go out of fashion. Their exclusiveness in terms of style, comfort, aesthetics and durability can be a hard thing to ignore.

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