The Comeback of Clog Boots in the Fashion World

It was sometime in the 1970’s when clogs made a comeback into the world of fashion. Truth be said, they never completely disappeared from the fashion scene and today have become even more sought-after than earlier. Now they have become so popular that a number of variations have come out, one of which happens to be clog boots.

Sizes and Availability

Clog boots are available in different styles and the best part about them are their comfort and style. One can opt for ankle length or even thigh-high clog boots.

They are so comfortable that many ladies prefer wearing clogs boots over their favorite sandals and stilettos.

Clog Boots Today

Clog boots worn now have a modern and minimalistic design; some clog makers however craft stylish clog boots with fringe detailing and studs. These shoes give the wearer an edgy yet classy look.

Clog boots are available in a wide variety of materials such as canvas, leather or suede. Despite being available in a number of colors, the one which happens to be the most popular is black. The next most sought-after colors happen to be brown and tan.

These clog boots are mostly worn with jeans and trousers in the cold winter months. They can however be worn with skirts, leggings or any other casual attire. There is no strict rule regarding the outfits women can wear with them.

Any shoe rack looks complete once a pair of clog boots have been added to it.


When compared to others, clog boots last a lot longer. The wooden sole and the high-quality leather ensure both comfort and durability. They also look and make the wearer feel great.

People usually tend to be wary about buying things online because the products which they want are usually not available. This is however not the case with clog boots because there are a number of manufacturers who sell online. These clog boots are available in a number of sizes, designs, materials and colors as well. Whatever be the shoe size or the style one is looking for, you can be sure to find them online. This why online stores score over conventional ones when it comes to buying clog boots.

You can be sure to find the pair which you have always wanted. So go ahead and buy your favorite pair of clog boots.

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