Wooden Clogs — The Ultimate Style Statement For Women

Clogs are the latest trend to hit the footwear market, which is being widely adopted by both men and women. Clogs are footwear that don’t have shoelaces; one can simply slide their feet in it. Wood was used in earlier times to manufacture clogs, although in recent times, a multitude of other materials such as leather and plastic are used. But wooden heeled clogs never particularly went out of fashion; they still have the same appeal as they had in the past.

Wood is a natural material, so it is environment-friendly, unlike other synthetic materials used to make footwear.

Wooden heeled clogs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. All of them have one thing in common; a wooden base. The wood used for making clogs is generally of high quality, and is coated with waterproofing resins as unprotected wood is prone to rotting on exposure to moisture.

Out of the many variants of wooden heeled clogs available in market, the ones with high heels and leather/linen uppers have the largest impact on the trend of wooden footwear. The combination of materials used in clogs makes it a worthy investment for women who love high heels.

A few benefits of using wooden heeled clogs are given below:

1. Helps in spine alignment: Wooden soles help in retaining body posture and make you stand straight. Wood also gives support to your lower-back, and helps in spine alignment.

2. Durability: Wood is a strong material; hence the clogs’ base will be intact even after long periods of time. This makes clogs the perfect footwear for daily usage as they won’t break easily.

3. Open backs: Clogs are unlike regular shoes or sandals; they don’t have any binding laces or straps built in them. One can easily slide in their feet to wear it. It also gives a lot of breathing space for your feet as the back portion of the clogs are open and have no encasement.

4. Wood as insulator: Wood is a natural thermal insulator, which prevents transfer of heat from the body to the surroundings. Hence clogs can be effectively used in summer to keep your feet cool, and in winter to keep your feet warm.

5. Dry feet: Footwear made of synthetic materials take a lot of time to dry up when they get wet. But wood used in clogs is waterproof; hence they dry up faster.

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