Your Wardrobe Will Thank You for Choosing These Clogs!

Blame it on the women of Sex and the City, or Hollywood divas, the footwear have become a separate fashion symbol in itself. Now-a-days I U.S.A, buying footwear has indeed emerged as a way of welcoming new season. In this scenario, people take any kind of footwear without thinking about their comfort. In order to look great every day, you certainly do not need to compromise on the comfortability quotient. Trust me, the clog sandals for women are the way to go ladies. The clogs are exclusively handcrafted to ensure supreme quality of the footwear. In terms of durability, there is rarely anything better than clogs. Talking specifically about the clog sandals for women, there are various types of sandals to rock the trend every day without compromising on the comfort level. So, let us discuss few types of clog sandals for women that are donned by the Hollywood divas and commoners alike.

Wedged Clog Sandals

Wedges are heeled sandals which are a perfect blend of comfort and style. They have further variants like strapped wedges, shoe-style wedges, wedge boots, etc. They are available in different heights and styles. They complement well with the floral skirts, gowns, formal pants, etc. But before buying them for yourself, you need to keep in mind the type of outfits you plan to pair up with them. So, if you want to add height and smartness to your look every day, you must try wedges.

Ankle Strap Clog Sandals

This is a style of footwear that has ruled the past seasons and is set to rule the seasons ahead as well. Be it a pump, sandal bootie, or sandal, ankle strap enhances the look of a footwear. They are usually placed on or above the ankle bone and add a perfect dash of beauty to clog sandals. And in case of ankle strap clog sandals, the sleeker the strap is, the better it looks. The crisscross styles look great with floral skirts, denims, etc. Also, look for soft leather sole and ankle width while choosing the best pair for yourself. If you want to look modern and pretty, ditch the heels this season and go for these clogs.

Heeled Clog Sandals

They are a big hit among women from all walks of life. When it comes to heeled sandals, they lure a women more than any other sort of footwear. They are best friends of working women, owing to the stature they provide the wearer. If you have a date in evening and too lazy to select the perfect outfit, simply choose any outfit and pair them up with a pair of heeled clog sandals. And, the killer look is ready effortlessly.

Thus, clog sandals for women are one of the best sort for footwear made, blending the comfort and style in the best proportion.

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