Breast cancer… the reason behind a work of art

Karen Wehbe writing her short story “ Life after pink”. Photo credits: Maguie Hamzeh
Karen Wehbe describing the hard time she went through and what her story is about at the library.

After her mother was attacked with breast cancer a year ago, Karen Wehbe, an LAU student, shares her tough experience through writing a short story called “ Life after pink”.

Breast cancer is a disease that has a psychological impact not only on the patient, but also on the other family members. And according to Francis Lewis, oncology nurse and behavioral scientist from the University of Washington, when cancer attacks a family member, the whole family will go through psychological disorders due to the difficult situation that person is facing.

Karen Wehbe sharing her struggles with Dr. Norma Moussally, the senior counselor. Photo credits: Maguie Hamzeh

Karen Wehbe, is an LAU student, majoring in marketing and whose mother was affected with breast cancer. Being the youngest child, Wehbe had hard time coping with her mother’s disease and that was when she decided to change her pain into a short story, “Life after pink”, through which she shares her struggles and how her experience had an important impact on her psychological state.

In her story, Karen describes every detail her mother and she went through while she was getting her treatment, and how every moment of pain was engraved in her memory.

“I wrote my story as if I was telling it to someone, but in reality, I was putting my struggles into words to cheer myself up,” said Wehbe.

According to Professor Diala Itani, a psychology professor at LAU, all family members are exposed to psychological issues in case of cancer, such as finding it hard to accept the situation, feeling angry and depressed, and that’s where the importance of counselling lays.

Karen Wehbe feeling depressed because of her mother’s situation. Photo credits: Maguie Hamzeh