Mondli Magwaza ..from Rags to be an Entreprenuer -in -Chief .

Entrepreneur -in -Chief/Founder of the Black African Organics , Mondli Magwaza.

I always call the month of June , month of resilience, the month of resistance . It is when we feature some industrious and unique personalities in our blog journal. We profile individuals who are exceptional in their talents , potentials and professions. It is un-usual of us to feature a male personality on our blog-site, in this journal we give our beloved readers a special blog profile of a high rising , mesmerizing , progressive and versatile South African born Entrepreneur ,Business Analyst and Founder of a fast growing wholesale and retail beauty and healthy care Company, Black African Organics [Pty} Ltd Mondli Magwaza.

Mondli Magwaza is a unique young man who grew up under the guidance of a poor grandmother , who could not afford him fees , food and proper shelter in Mandeni , South Africa. Mondli spent many nights with an empty stomach, he trudged for long hours to school . He and his grandmother would sleep in darkness due to lack of money and acute poverty. The youngMondli grew up suffering this brunt of poverty and swinging penury . The pangs of poverty pushed him to the edges that he hatched big dreams for his life and career. Stings of poverty unleashed the lion of greatness that was hidden in his hard rough ,black tough skin to roar and shake the tough world . He pursued his education despite unending family hardships.

Youthful days of Mondli Magwaza

After completing high school . Mondli left his poverty stricken family for greener pastures to Durban, he spent most times hoping from one menial job to another. It never rained but continued to pour for Magwaza for he will spent most of his nights in the streets .PAINFUL. These experiences molded the the Entrepreneurship skills in Mondli who has since become an iconic national , if not a global youthful entrepreneurial personality.

After years of resilience and hard work , Mondli excelled in his studies , profession and Career. Magwaza is presently a renowned youthful and Entrepreneur who founded and owns a company that contribute to the GDPof South Africa , a company that is creating employment for a lot of young people across Africa, the Black African Organics Pty Ltd — which is a one stop whole sale and retail business importing and distributing African organic products for skin , beauty , healthy care and Wellness. It is mesmerizing , unique and ironic that a male personality venture into such industry and get successful, Magwaza is fast growing in his business that boast of partners in both West Africa and South Africa.

Mondli has also invested much of his time in knowledge , education and skills development . He has acquired for himself qualifications in business marketing , insurance , Quality control , Digital and computer science, Business science and Data /information management with reputable South African Institutes.

Mondli Magwza flowing in professional and Entrepreneurial success.

Currently Mondli Magwaza is a private contracting Systems Analyst and Business Analyst at Standard Bank South Africa (Pty) Ltd with 14 years hands on experience in Project initiation and analysis, Enterprise Application development, Integration, Database Design and Maintenance, SharePoint implementation and full life cycle software design and development experience. He has played a development, lead and analysis role in complex projects with clients such as Eskom, South African Revenue Services, eThekwini Municipality, Impala Platinum, Anglo American, Standard Bank, Liberty Life, Exxaro Mines and Santam Insurance Group etc.

Mondli Magwaza is a leading and mesmerizing inspiration toi the growing generation in South Africa and the entire Africa.

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