The Case For Hillary
Zachary Leven

Absolutely brilliant!!! I’ve been looking for the perfect — okay, so as close to perfect as it gets — explanation about why I believe in Hillary and plan to vote for her.

Zachary, I also appreciate that you have closed the comments since I suspect — as I fear will happen when I share the article on my Facebook timeline — I’ll be getting some nasty, Sanders-blinded comments from those who think he’s the best thing since Norman Rockwell’s small-town America, flea markets and joining protest marches to get arrested.

Personally, I’d rather, like you, think and do so without being pressured, bullied or insulted by those who will probably become furious with me for my having posted your article. Too bad for them. I deeply value what you’ve said and am grateful for your having said it.

I happen to be an astrologer and will be posting my article — almost completely absent from mentioning Hillary or any of the other plethora of candidates from whatever parties on the campaign trail — on Medium today. Mine is on history and the relevance to Valentine’s Day, believe it or not. It’s a bit of a different take and clearly will be in the shadows of what you’ve done here.

So since I really don’t do the cheering and gushing on any normal day, I hope you’ll forgive my doing so now. You’re a delight, and I look forward to reading more of your writing!

P.S. Thanks as well for teaching more about HIllary than I knew before. I like her, I trust her capabilities and experience — but I admit I’m not politically savvy. You didn’t sell me. I was already sold. You just convinced me more than I was! Thanks again!

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