women have a right to hate men
Anthony James Williams

Anthony, I like that you said it. That takes chutzpah, something too many can’t say or are afraid to say.

I like that you didn’t mince words about it. You’re sensitive, compassionate, understanding. Your words remind me of a book by Dr. Susan Forward — Men Who Hate Women and the Women Who Love Them. It’s more than a tragic fact of our lives, it’s solid fact that needs to be considered as we learn to create a positive, mutually beneficial dialogue without the games and self-serving manipulation too many members of each gender are capable of using in their exchanges.

If only a sensitive, compassionate, mutually beneficial dialogue could be created with honesty and genuine effort to understand instead of the self-serving games and manipulation.

What a beautiful life we’d all have! I hope more will listen to your heart through your words. Thanks for maintaining the privacy tag in this case.


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