Happiness is Great, but Get Yourself a Website

An Executive Coach & Iyengar Yoga Teacher Strikes the Balance

Often coachees come to me for coaching because they feel overwhelmed and want to find balance in their lives; others might be going through a transition; and others just feel ‘stuck.’ All of them have met me personally; have seen me speak publicly; or have heard of me through word of mouth. I always meet with them for a free chemistry session before we begin a coaching process.

The truth is, up until now, I have not needed a website to attract coachees. I just had to be myself and ‘show up’ to events that were aligned with who I am. One of my Associates warned me, “it’s stupid not to have one.” I ignored him. I was in a healing cycle and I was not ready. He was right. Even if my happiness shines through, once people meet you and especially if they like you, they do check you out online. I do it!

Similarly, in the Iyengar Yoga Community, here in London anyway, many of the most Senior Teachers do not have websites or have very simple ones. To market oneself seems somehow ‘unyogic.’ Something in us believes, if we are good teachers, the word will spread.

Part of why people have been drawn to me as an Executive Coach is because I managed to overcome difficult life events: in 2013, I left my Yoga Teacher Trainer of 4 years; I left an organisation into which I had poured my heart and soul for 14 years; and before I had time to grieve these significant ‘endings,’ my husband, to whom I’d been connected for 20 years, was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive for of lymphoma and the prognosis was grim. I spent the next ten months looking after him and witnessed him getting completely ravaged by four successive chemo regimes that did not work. His disease was not chemo sensitive. We decided together to stop the chemo and he left his mortal body on the 22nd April 2014, the day after his 45th birthday. I had to ride the waves of emotion and cry and cry and cry because it hurt so much to lose the love of my life. Fortunately, I believed that it was the best thing for him and decided to live and love my life. So, is it any wonder that I have been happy with the work that has come my way organically and resisted putting up a website?

Last month, I had a wake up call, I was asked if I was interested in teaching in Bali at the Four Seasons Hotel for 10 days. They wanted photos of me doing yoga and they wanted a website. I scrambled to get it all together. So, I guess I will always have the Four Seasons to thank for what I ought to have done a long time ago. Yes, I finally have a very simple website at: www.spaceforinsight.com.