Hi! I am Mahnoor syed almost about to get done with my bachelors from Bahria university. i have been doing my specialization in supply chain management and this last semester i got an opportunity to learn read and understand a course ‘Total quality management’ that not actually changed things on academic level but on personal level too. what i realized that i lacked some strict principles for my living and this course taught me some quality principles which proved to be really advantageous !


BEFORE: last semester i got a bundle of assignments and online quizzes which i was very lazy to complete. i totally procrastinated and believed that every thing done at the 11th hour goes well. but it wasn't true.i couldn't completed them and i lost major portion of my sessional marks.

AFTER: when i came across this course i now try to make a schedule to get done with my every assignments and quizzes before the due dates. this not only keeps me satisfied but helps me to put my focus on matters.


BEFORE: i was lacked skills in planning for long term. i always had my focus on short term benefits which did helped me for that period of time but after that was of no good.

AFTER: now i particularly know how to plan strategically. after TQM i learned to measure the benefits of every alternative while making a decision. so i keep those alternatives in my mind which i do long term planing


BEFORE: i was always taught that there is no age for learning and learning never stops but i always ignored this fact and learned while remaining in the boundaries of school, college and university which hampered my growth, mentally and academically.

AFTER: after understanding total quality management, this course helped me to realized that there is always a room for improvement and one could learn as much as he can to acknowledge himself.


BEFORE: while making any decision my emotions over took my intellect which i regretted always every time.

AFTER: after total quality management now i can sense logic and reasons which helps to have a control over my emotions and take a emotions-free affected decisions.


BEFORE: i had many problems with people which was really irritating, i couldn't talk to them instead i shared it with my friends and did backbiting which i thought later is a sin.

AFTER: after studying TQM i practiced to communicate with those whom i had really problems with instead of sharing it with other person. this not only helped me and other party to get rid of all misunderstandings but also keeps me away from committing a sin.