Bali — the Jungle Warrior: Electrifying Cartoon Show in Hindi powered by Dazzling Animation

Bali — The Jungle Warrior is a cartoon show in Hindi that fits the liking of the young generation. Incorporating dazzling animation and electrifying fight scenes, the show is drop dead gorgeous to look at. Considering high voltage action and special effects is the foremost demand of children these days, Bali qualifies as one of the finest shows for them to relish. Long gone are the days when kids hardly had a show or two that embodied large scale fight sequences. Every episode of Bali — The Jungle Warrior has action scenes to offer which are high on imagination and beguiling animation.

If we take a look a decade back when American cartoon channel ‘Cartoon Network’ ruled the animation industry, it was largely due to the fact that the channel had a roster which comprised of a dozen of big budget cartoon shows. Be it Transformers: Armada or Dragon Ball Z, the children worshipped these programs across the globe.

While it was a ballsy move at that time to proffer the audience with stuff that they had never seen before, it’s utterly unacceptable to not raise the ante in the current era. In a time when $200 million budgeted animation films are making ten times more money than their investment, it is objectionable when someone takes a step back by delivering the same, run-of-the-mill stuff instead of transcending the genre.

Bali — The Jungle Warrior not only rides high on the meticulous animation but also on the competently written plot. Taking into account there are multiple cartoon channels that offer high quality programs, it is excruciatingly hard to come up with a story that’s not only entertaining but also novel. Bali has an original story which is not derivative. In contrast to the trend of mashing up five or six subplots from successful cartoon shows, The Jungle Warrior is a unique show to air.

The show is centered on a boy named Bali who helps a girl named Sparky, a Princess from a different realm who visits his planet to find the five magic crystals that could help defeat Goga, the supreme villain. Following the footpath of epic cartoon shows such as Justice League and Samurai Jack, the show is absolute delight to watch. Irrespective of having mature themes, Bali — The Jungle Warrior balances them out with humor that is absolutely rib tickling. Featuring interesting characters and hilarious dialogues, the show is outrageously entertaining.

Dubbed in Hindi, it is a Hindi Cartoon show that should be watched by kids. The show airs on Maha Cartoon TV, the first free-to-air cartoon channel of India. Available for streaming both online and offline, it can be watched anytime, anywhere. Encompassing bombastic visuals and an energetic soundtrack, the show is bound to entertain the children. If interested in knowing more about the show, kindly visit our website for more info @